Have you ever wondered if your child’s attention span is too short… or could be longer?

Do you ever wish your child would just STOP and PAY ATTENTION to something for more than a few seconds? Children are naturally curious and their investigation of the world around them often takes the form of short bursts of focus with frequent change and interruption.

Just like with adults, children vary in their ability to focus without being distracted.

However, expert research tells us that there are some ways you can help your child grow in their ability to concentrate.


  1. Limit stimulation

As adults, we have carefully curated the ability to “tune out” many stimuli, such as background noise/conversation, music, people or objects moving across our field of vision. As young and new beings, however, our children are finely tuned IN to these stimuli, as they seek to learn as much as they can about the way the world works. Pay attention to the number of things that could be grabbing your child’s attention at any given moment, and create a space in your life and home where your child has the opportunity to give a task or experience undivided attention.

2. Limit objects

Tactile and sensory stimulation are some of the first ways your young child experiences the world. We are encouraged as new parents to create a warm and stimulating environment, which is true and good. However, as your child begins to perceive more details about the world around them, the amount of “choices” they have (toys, objects, activities) can divert them from dedicated attention to any one item. Provide simple, numbered choices and remove unchosen items from view while you learn and play with one thing at a time.

3. Let an activity finish

In the hustle and bustle of “what we have to do next,” we often shorten our young child’s engagement in a desired activity. Sometimes we DO have to leave the park NOW… but sometimes we don’t. Try, at least once a week, to enjoy an activity that your child sets the time frame for. Let them continue their play until they elect to do something different. You may be surprised at how long they’ll last!

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