We all know that Early Education promotes independent learning as a path to success in life. Children thrive when their environment accommodates their natural curiosity and their learning is faciliated rather than teacher-driven. At Creative World, our entire curriculum is built around this premise with the goal of empowering young learners!

The basis for our educational approach is the unlimited potential of young learners and their capacity for knowledge. We don’t set limits on what children know or are “ready for” and believe that rich content is the foundation for learning. We believe in curiosity and nurture it as the spark that drives our curriculum. Creative World curriculum integrates three core approaches, or what we call the Three E’s.

In a recent TED Talk on the TED Radio Hour, Sugata Mitra reported some amazing findings in a study he performed with technology and young children:

“Educational researcher Dr. Sugata Mitra’s “Hole in the Wall” experiments have shown that, in the absence of supervision or formal teaching, children can teach themselves and each other.

In 1999, Mitra and his colleagues dug a hole in a wall bordering an urban slum in New Delhi, installed an Internet-connected PC and left it there. What they saw was kids playing around with the computer, and in the process learning how to use it, how to go online, and teaching each other. The “Hole in the Wall” project demonstrates that an environment that stimulates curiosity can cause learning through self-instruction and peer-shared knowledge. Mitra, who’s now a professor of educational technology at Newcastle University, calls it “minimally invasive education.””

“In nine months, a group of children left alone with a computer — in any language — would reach the same standard as an office secretary in the West.” -Mitra

Mitra’s results are astounding and affirm our belief in the unlimited potential of every child! Listen to his TED Talk Here!