Creative World School has the inside scoop on what Schoolers love! Our year-round School Age Program, CW Kids Club, is all about freeing Schoolers to explore their interests together as they dream up, create, and run their own Clubs!

We love empowering School Age students to love learning in an environment with plenty of resources and big ideas. Our School Age teachers are cheerleaders for this kind of free and inspiring learning process.

CampTastic is an extension of our School Age program! We have a FUNderful, BLASTastic time exploring wild and wacky themes that support our summer learning! From over-the-top Special Events to engaging field trips, we spend each day being busy, exploring new ideas, and growing as friends.

Here’s what some of our awesome Campers have been up to this summer… so far!

boat rivercrest
We love to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle! Campers at CWS Rivercrest entered into the Annual CWS Regatta Races with their own homemade boats, created from recyclables!
fishhawk field trip
We love getting out and about and exploring the sights and sites in our communities. CWS Fishhawk loved their field trip to Crystal Springs, learning all about local plant life and the dynamics of river erosion.
rivercrest camp
The Campers at CWS Rivercrest in Riverview, FL enjoyed romping through the Common Ground Park. Some favorite activities included swinging on the big swing, running through the tunnels, and playing in the butterfly gardens!
scuba race
CWS Cross Creek pulled out all of the stops in their water explorations by having a SCUBA RELAY! How fast do you think you could walk in flippers?
cross creek slip n slide
You’re never too old for a slip’n’slide. Campers at CWS Crosscreek in New Tampa, FL, cooled off in the heat with some simple slip’n’slide fun!

Schoolers love to be intrigued and empowered by exciting ideas and the time and resources to investigate on their own. Their independent learning is an emerging skill that needs to be affirmed and encouraged! We love giving our Campers ample time and an inspiring environment to launch investigations.

Learn more about our CampTastic program, approach to School Age learning, and this year’s wacky themes at!