One of the many wonderful things about being a parent is witnessing your child’s curiosity at the world around them. As the leaves begin to turn and a crispness lingers in the air, spending time outdoors is refreshing. Making the most of family moments outdoors is easy this autumn. A great way to support your child’s curiosity, exercise together, and breathe in the fresh fall air is to forage!


gerund or present participle: foraging
  1. (of a person or animal) search widely for food or provisions.
    synonyms: hunt, search, look, rummage around, ferret, root about/around, nose around/about, scavenge


All foraging means for our purposes is to look for and gather interesting articles on a nature walk. These items, such as leaves, sticks, nuts, and dried grass, can be transformed into creative projects such as book-binding, leaf-pressing, or making wreathes. The product is unimportant. The value of a foraging expedition is time spent together engaged and observing the world around you. What kind of unique items can you spot and collect? Can you find objects that are the same or different? What do your items look and smell like? Engage in a conversation with your child as you have fun foraging this fall!

Want to see some amazing inspiration? Search #Forage on Instagram for pics of other people’s amazing finds!