It’s not Teacher Appreciation Week. It’s not Education Professionals Day. It’s a Monday. And thousands of educated, competent, cheerful, and hardworking men and women are performing care routines, facilitating learning moments, and connecting with our children.

A study performed late last year by the National Association for the Education of Young Children found this:

Research results show that 6 in 10 voters recognize that a child’s earliest years are crucial for learning and development, and nearly 9 in 10 voters believe that early childhood educators are an integral part of our society, valued at levels similar to firefighters and nurses.*

They are breathing fresh life into young learners. They are mustering fresh enthusiasm while singing the same song for the 100th time to a group of two year olds. They are changing another diaper or encouraging another potty training moment. They are cracking another smile, guiding through a behavioral moment, setting up another art project. The reality is, the amount of time, effort, and education it takes to truly engage with young children is astounding… and admirable… and sometimes we just want to say…

Thank You.

Because you deserve to hear it.

To all of the silly, wacky, wildly creative, ingenious people who make our children fall in love with you and burst with laughter every day… Thank You.

If you are an Early Educator who is part of our Creative World School Family: you know we love you. Thank you. If you are an Early Educator who is a part of any organization, persevering in excellence… Thank You. You are all heroes!