Creative World Schools are equipped with an incredible World of Wonder! Our Exploratorium is an expansive space where children ages 3 and up come to investigate and explore a unique inquiry with amazing tools, loose parts, and inventive teachers! Our Exploratorium teachers are facilitators of some of the wackiest, outside-the-box discoveries. At CWS Countryside in Blue Springs, MO, their Exploratorium teacher Ms. Amanda made the most of their Ooey Gooey explorations this month! Check out some of her amazing ideas.

Countryside ooey gooey 1
Measuring and mixing up an Ooey Gooey potion!
Countryside ooey gooey 3
Invitation to Explore: what does this sticky, gooey, colorful tray of slime feel like?
Countryside ooey gooey 5
Upturned contact paper makes for a sticky situation… as we walk on our hands!
Countryside ooey gooey 6
Experiencing a classic gooey, doughy trick: silly putty on newsprint.
Countryside ooey gooey 10
Matching our ooey gooey, sticky, doughy, slimy, spongey concoctions to the correct descriptive word!
Countryside ooey gooey 12
CRAZY slimy pasta fun!
Countryside ooey gooey 13
Comparing and contrasting cause and effect in our sensory bottles! Which substances fizz, float, separate, or emulsify?
Countryside ooey gooey 15
Don’t stand to close to the sticky wall! We had a blast gripping and sticking all kinds of objects to our sticky wall.

It was a blast exploring all of the science behind Ooey Gooey fun!