make learning your heartbeat

At Creative World, Learning is Our Heartbeat! We are eager to start each day with fresh eyes on a world full of wondrous things! We love encouraging the young inquisitive minds all around us to embrace a life full of ???

Whether it’s conquering physical milestones like crawling, climbing, or jumping, or achieving new academic heights like reading, writing, and math, children are our guides when it comes to eager learning. Children are masters of pressing in to new knowledge and gaining new skills. Do we follow their lead?

What does it mean to be a lifelong learner? With more resources than ever at our disposal, a world of knowledge is literally at our fingertips. But being a learner is more than acquiring information; it’s an attitudinal shift that allows the abstract and concrete to collide! This means being the kind of person who sees the unknown as a mystery to be solved… the kind of person who actively and avidly pursues new understanding of the world. There are so many ways to embrace questions and love learning in life!

  • Read, read, and read some more! Learners are readers. Read articles, books, magazines, newspapers, buzzfeed… whatever you want! Read easy things and difficult things, read in front of your children, read to your children: let reading be the norm in your home!
  • Try new things! This may seem obvious but the only way to really learn about many things is to experience them! Go to new places, walk a different route, try a new restaurant or cook a new meal: and involve your family every step of the way.
  • Embrace the arts. You may not love opera or abstract art… but there’s so much more to hear and see! Art can be found all throughout your daily life. Find what your family is interested in, whether it’s a new kind of movie (look up “Oscar nominated animated short films” for an amazing variety), a new kind of music, or a new way of listening to music (resurrect the dusty record player or 8 track).
  • Remember the past…. What did you love learning as a child? Do you remember any books that you loved? What about games that you played? The past can be a great guide to help you understand your true interests and resurrect your childlike zeal for learning!

“Learning is about living and as such is lifelong.” Bente Elkjaer