As we focus this month on promoting responsibility in young children, we perform many tasks daily that could be used to reinforce responsible thinking . Try this activity with your child at home:

Sock Sort ‘n’ Toss

How to play: When you unload the dryer, put aside all the socks. Pile them up on the living-room floor and ask your child to find the match for every sock (make sure all still have their original partners). Once they have sorted the socks, show them how to roll the pairs into balls. Next, set up several shoeboxes a few feet away, each marked with a family member’s name. The goal is to toss the correct socks into the appropriate person’s box.

What it teaches: Responsibility. “Getting kids involved in chores is a way for them to learn that everyone in the family needs to pitch in,” says Dr. Sornson. When you make tasks fun, you’ll inspire even the littlest ones to help out.

Parent tip: After the laundry is put away, tell your child they did a great job — they might even ask to help fold the sheets next time!