The New Year marked an important step in the construction phase of our new Creative World School in Frisco, Texas. Months of land-preparation was conducted to ready the site for the foundation. We are excited to share our progress with you! Do you have little ones interested in construction and building? Share our story and pictures with them! They can join us on our journey to see how a Creative World School is built!

Here is our progress so far:

The site has been graded, surveyed and marked with flags to note special features and the utility lines in the ground beneath. Once the existing lines were located, the utility companies came in with major equipment to place the system of pipes and conduit for our CW-Frisco Facility.


The land is raised 5 feet with more dirt                                     The pipes that will be laid by the utility companies.

While the utility companies continued to work on the working systems of the building, a crew was outside smoothing the grade of the parking lot and laying iron rods to help strengthen the concrete, once it was poured. It took three days, a cement mixer, and lots of supervision to pour the concrete for the fire lane and the parking lot!


The parking lot is prepped for cement                                       The crew levels the concrete after it is poured

The next step that was completed was the drilling of the piers. Each pier, of which there are 85+, is between 15-20 feet deep and 18” in diameter. These piers help the foundation stay level by resting on untouched earth 15 feet below the surface.


The piers are drilled with a large machine                                One-by-one the piers were drilled and filled

Progress was slowed a bit due to inclement weather and the ground holding too much moisture.  Once the ground was fit to continue, trenches were dug to allow the plumbing fixtures to be laid.  When all of the plumbing fixtures were correctly placed the areas were prepped for concrete by placing iron rod and spreading sand over the area.


Trenches dug                                                                                    Sand covers all the areas ready to be inspected

Once all of the sand was poured, the City Building Inspector will come to the site and look at all of the progress that has been made since his last visit. We are anxiously awaiting for the a confirmation to pour the foundation at the beginning of next week!