Core Value Giggle and Smile

At Creative World, one of our primary Core Values is to Giggle & Smile: Have Fun!

We share our JOY and EXCITEMENT about learning with our children in our schools every day!


The holiday season is full of exciting opportunities to experience and spread joy! At Creative World, we love sharing our cultural and family traditions with each other. One of our school traditions for the month of November is to celebrate a CW Cares Event, which will support our communities through food or coat collections. We also celebrate Veteran’s Day this month, emphasizing thankfulness for the way veterans have contributed to our freedom!

In the midst of the busyness of this season, what are some ways that you avoid the hustle and bustle and share joy with your family? Here are some ideas for having the most FUN this month… and every day!

  • Talk to parents, grandparents, and family members to learn about old family traditions: try them out!
  • Create a new holiday tradition, whether it’s a day of baking, a family outing, or a special craft.
  • Try to do one thing with your child every day that is JUST FOR FUN… not productive or planned but a moment of joyous excitement!
  • Act like a kid with your kid! Do something spontaneous: skip instead of walking, bundle up and go look at the stars, read a bedtime story in a fort!

Whatever you do today, this month, and throughout this season, remember to embrace the excitement of the season… giggle, smile, and have fun!