We are getting so excited for summer and our CampTastic program!


Here is a sneak peek into our Soaked theme:

One of the wettest summer activities for kids. Get ready to dive into this summer camp of sopping wet world of water play! Work together &strategize your way through an ever evolving water course, full of fun surprises! Explore how water flows through wacky pipe & tube construction. Get drenched in water relays squirt-a-thons as we cannonball into the soaking world of water games!

Socked & Soaked: It’s hard enough to keep your balance in a topsy-turvy water course, but what if the course was extra-slippery? Wear socks and get ready to slip ’n ’slide through a water adventure! Practice your balance, you’re going to need it!
Wiped Out: Don’t let the crowds break your concentration! Today it’s lights, cameras, & you’re live as the star of Wiped Out! Give interviews and let commentators track your progress as you brave some of the toughest water obstacles yet! Join with a teammate to tackle the final round & hope your TV debut results in victory!
Colored Water Wars: From water fights, to paintball, to squirt-a-thons, this day will be full of colorful water battles! Practice stealth & strategy: everyone stands a chance!