We are getting so excited for summer and our CampTastic program!


Here is a sneak peek into our Looney Labs theme:

Our summer camp for kids lab is a high-tech place of looney science! Have you ever seen an object fall up or a toaster come to life? We’ll explore the elements to create weird & wild inventions, view the natural world up close, investigate, experiment, & design. Come on in, this is one of the looniest summer activities for kids.
Heavy Hardware: It’s time to explore heavy metals! We’ll use nuts, bolts, levers, pulleys, and more to assemble creations of monstrous proportions. From metal invention contests, to some heavy competition games, get ready for a day of heavy lifting!
Crackle & Goo: Let’s fill our lab with chemical creations! We will combine ingredients to make goop, gak, slime, & more. What if our goopy-goo could also crackle & pop? We’ll find out as we explore chemical reactions to make bubbly, fizzing, & foaming concoctions!
Freeze Out: Someone broke the thermostat in the lab and it’s freezing! What happens to our supplies in sub-zero temperatures? We’ll introduce new temperature elements to classic experiments. Don’t forget to bundle up!