We are getting so excited for summer and our CampTastic program!


Here is a sneak peek into our All Ball theme:

 Get pumped for this summer camp with new & exciting sports! We will craft wacky house rules & play ball games a whole new way. Enjoy tried & true favorites like basketball, football, & soccer. Learn new sports such as bocce ball, cricket, mini water-polo, and broom ball. Everyone will be a fan of the way we twist & turn, jump & dive, catch & throw in a whole new way. Gear up & get excited to play!


Ball Game Mash-Ups: Have you ever played basket-golf or dodge-soccer? Get ready for a mashed-up day as we combine classic ball games to create something new! You won’t want to miss this summer activity for kids featuring topsy-turvy, upside-down, mashed up fun!

Radical Relays: Teamwork is the name of the game on this day of relay fun. Unconventional obstacle-course relays with games, challenges, and feats of strength will cultivate cooperation and leadership!

Time-Twist Triathalon: How SLOW can you go? How FAST can you pass? It’s a day of timed sports events, with wacky awards for Slowest Pitch, Fastest Crawl, and where we make a basket… backwards in slow-mo!

Visit creativeworldcamp.com and reserve your spot today!