bee paintings aurora
Yellow and Black Bee Paintings at CWS Aurora!
bugs sensory table cross creek
Sensory Play… what do Bugs and Bug Habitats Feel Like? At CWS Cross Creek!
growing a butterfly
We are watching butterflies transform from chrysalis into a butterfly at CWS Rivercrest!
Looking for bugs noland
Bug Hunts can be sooo much fun… where do we see bugs every day? At CWS Noland
queen bee noland
Dramatic Play at CWS Noland means pretending to be Queen Bee or Worker Bees… what roles do bees play in the hive?
bugs visitor aurora
We love launching each month’s Inquiry with a field study. At CWS Aurora, we heard from an Entomology Expert all about the exciting world of insects!
studying bugs
Getting up close and personal with a beetle at CWS Cross Creek!
weaving webs
We are using our fine motor skills to investigate and weave Spider Webs at CWS Rivercrest!
webs and nests
Building webs and nests… did you know that spider build both?
worm out of table toys fishhawk
Using table toys to make giant worms at CWS Fishhawk!