This month, we are Buggin’ Out over all of the awesome books that describe our creepy crawly buzzy slimy friends! From Rhopaloceras (butterflies) to Formicidae (ants), we are grabbing our magnifying glasses and heading to the dirt to discover all things insect. Supplement your child’s journey by grabbing some great reads:


Flying insects may be different sizes, but all share the common feature of wings. Bugs that fly can be somewhat intimidating for toddlers, as it is more difficult to pick them up and
examine them. Share pictures of flying bugs with your toddlers and talk about what makes them different from other bugs they have seen. Point them out as you notice them on the playground. Do they make noises? Are they quick or slow?


Spiders and insects are often placed together in the same category, but there
are significant differences that even young children can begin to recognize.
Noting the differences between insects and spiders isn’t just important
for discerning between the two “in the wild”, but the act of comparing and
classifying is perfect for practicing logic, reasoning, and science skills.


Bugs are fascinating to young children and they offer endless questions to investigate.
Getting up close and personal with bugs allows preschoolers to gain a deeper understanding of what these crawlers are and why they are here.