Young children learn in unique and individual ways. That’s why the entire structure of our Creative World School curriculum centers around each developmental stage! Our teachers master techniques for facilitating learning at every level, from Infant to Toddler to Twos to Preschool. We believe that the difference between a one year old and a two year old can be immense… and should be honored by a customized learning experience!

Here is a sneak peek into our investigations… at every age!

DSC_8483.JPGToddler Outdoor Play:

Toddlers enjoy participating in physical activity. They are happy and involved as they actively move around. Daily active play in a safe space, both indoors and out, is very important for Toddlers. 

Lily Hopping: Set out hula hoops to use as lily pads and ask the children to hop like frogs, jumping from lily pad to lily pad.


Two Year Old Science:

Think Curiosity. How does it work? Where does it come from? As children wonder about the natural world and how it works, they are engaged in scientific thinking. Encourage this
by introducing tools, such as the magnifying glass, to further their study.

Pond Life Observation: Collect water from different sources: pond, ocean, your kitchen sink, etc. Place each type in a clear, plastic container with a lid. Provide magnifying glasses. Look at the differences in the water. Discuss the different colors, items that are
or are not floating in the water, etc.

DSC_8408.JPGPreschool Song Time:

Songs for Preschoolers are an essential part of early literacy. Songs are filled with rhymes, alliterations, and vocabulary. Singing their favorite songs over and over, helps children become aware of sounds and the way we can manipulate them – break them apart
and blend them – while enhancing their phonemic awareness.

Down by the Bay by Raffi
Down by the bay,
Where the watermelons grow.
Back to my home,
I dare not go.
For if I do,
My mother will say.
Did you ever see a baboon,
Holding a balloon?.
(Repeat chorus)
Did you ever see a whale, with a polka-dot tail?
(Repeat chorus)
Did you ever see a pig, wearing a wig?
(Repeat chorus)
Did you ever see a goat, standing in a boat?
(Repeat chorus)
Did you ever see a llama, wearing pajamas?
(Hear the song: