Ms. Nilsa, our Director from Creative World Land O’ Lakes, told us this heartwarming story about the compassion of two Preschool teachers:

A student from Ms. Missy and Ms. Sarah’s Preschool class, Nicole, had to leave Creative World suddenly because her Dad received a job promotion which required them to move to another city. Nicole’s mother found herself in a situation where her daughter would stay home and she would have the opportunity to teach and prepare her daughter for kindergarten. Nicole’s mother contacted Ms. Missy to share the exciting, but daunting task ahead of her, as Creative World had given her such high expectations for early education.

Upon hearing her story, Ms. Missy and Ms. Sarah decided to create a “Care Package” for the little girl’s mother. They bought some educational supplies, provided music used during their Imagining Together: Circle Time, and included a “Letter Sounds Book” created by the teachers. They also wrote down ideas, suggestions, and everything the mother would need. They even included educational website resources to help Nicole with letter recognition.

I was so impressed with seeing this outpouring of compassion that I just had to share this story. I know in my heart that our teachers love each and every child as if they were their own, and this story truly demonstrates this. These two teachers did not have to do anything and they (on their own time) went out of their way to help this mother and daughter to make sure they had all the tools necessary to get Nicole ready for Kindergarten. 

We are so proud of the both of our teachers and very glad to have them on our team! Attached is a picture of Ms. Missy and Ms. Sarah and two of Nicole before she left us to move. Thank you for allowing us to share this story with you!”

We hope this story has inspired you this season as it encourages each and every one of us to look for opportunities to make someone feel special today!