This weekend we celebrate dads, grandads, stepdads, and every other kind of dad in your life!

As you consider what to buy, remember that timeless gifts are handmade and full of memories. At Creative World Schools, we always try to focus on empowering a child to create their own vision without supplying templated or pre-made materials. Children’s creativity will amaze you when you give them open-ended opportunities to express themselves!

Here are some of our favorite ideas for Father’s Day Gifts:

1. Scribble Mug

Every sweet scribble can be captured for daily use with this free-style art project! Buy a plain, white ceramic mug and painter’s pens. Let younger children scribble freely. Older children can place stickers on the mug first, color, and then remove the stickers to reveal the negative image. Be sure to write the date on the bottom so he can remember this special Father’s Day for years to come!

2. Tile Coasters

Purchase plain, flat tiles in the size you want your coasters to be. Print pictures that fit on top of the tiles. Cover the tile with a thin layer of Mod Podge, place the picture down flat, and cover with a layer of Mod Podge on top. Small felt pads glued to the bottom of the tile will protect your surfaces from scratches and ensure that Dad can use these coasters in every room of the house!

3. Dad Rocks Paperweight

Remember, keeping your projects age-appropriate and child-centered means that you can reminisce for years to come about this specific stage of your child’s development… and have projects that reflect their abilities and feelings! Very young children can paint rocks with acrylic paint. You can add the date or a small message but preserve the beauty of their art!

4. Homemade Notepad

Older children will love reinforcing their emerging literacy skills by creating a Father’s Day Notepad. Select, fold, and secure a small stack of paper together with staples or holes and string. Cover with butcher paper or other paper and use newsprint to cut letters or shapes out to decorate your cover. Encourage your child to write a special note on the first page and sign their creation!

5. Have some fun in the kitchen experimenting, measuring, pouring, and stirring! Create a spice rub for Dad’s favorite meat or veggies by combining 1 T each of cayenne pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, and cumin. Add 1 t each of black pepper, salt, and coriander and stir the mixture! Preserve your spice rub and present it to Dad in a miniature mason jar.

Happy Father’s Day!