Early Educators talk a lot about “Learning through Play.” At Creative World School, we are passionate about nurturing the playfulness in young children… and capitalizing on the teachable moments that happen while children play!




Do you ever wonder what your teachers are learning? Creative World teachers receive special training upon hire, through staff meetings, special in-service training, Creative World Curriculum Conferences, and through multiple continuing education opportunities! Want a sneak peek at what we tell them? Here’s an excerpt from one of our Curriculum Manuals on how our teachers employ best practices to facilitate play!

One of your roles as a facilitator is to make up playful games. You may create a ‘teacher made’ game or be the game yourself. In this case, you are part of the Enrichment as you interact with your children. By dumping small toys into a basket or making a tower, you are demonstrating a new way of playing. You have just made up a new game and invited the children to join you. These learning games provide opportunities for children to practice important social skills such as emerging sharing, turn-taking, listening, following directions, and empathy.

During Enriching Play, your role will be to move around the room and play with your children. Ask open-ended questions to expand on their play in the interest center they are visiting. How many want to play in the block area? What can we do if there are too many of our friends playing in a particular area? As you facilitate children’s play and observe their interactions, you are able to extend on their play while getting to know their strengths and interests.

How do you see your child’s teachers at Creative World School facilitating play? How can you use some of these cues and guidelines to facilitate play in your own home?