Our annual Curriculum Contest is always an amazing time for teachers to share the awesome learning happening in their classes. We love watching as they put their passion for Early Education into practice by crafting the most engaging explorations for their young students. We want to show off some of their Learning Journeys… so check out how one of our INCREDIBLE Infant Programs at CWS Rivercrest (in Riverview, FL) took their babies on an exploration of Animal Adventures:

Animals live in all kinds of weather! Our Whales children had the chance to play with frozen critters.
Developing listening and imitation skillsacting out the following nursery rhyme, while babies are lying on backs and watching each action, “ This little puppy jumps up and down”
Developmental objective: Matching words with textures, sensation and objects through rhymes, songs.Singing our favorite song “ slippery fish”. In our song we sing about different types of fish, so we put each fish in a ziplock bag with blue paint to represent the fish swimming in water and naming each one as we sing.
Showing baby how puppy follows her around when she holds the string. “Look, the puppy is walking with you. You can take him for a walk too.”
Paw print art!
Singing old Mc Donald had a farm using finger puppets while encouraging baby to reach and play with the puppets.
Listening to and developing an interest in books.We introduced the animals in my world book by saying “ I have a book about animals for us to read. Look, I see a dog looking at the baby on the cover.”
We took our animal books outside for story time. By taking babies outside we expanded their world and introduced them to new and sometimes surprising stimuli.