As we celebrate love and friendship, there is nothing more precious than being able to send your family and friends cards that are 100% made by your child!

Depending on your child’s age and interests, it can be tricky to provide them with the tools and ideas so that they can independently create something.

Search no further! Our early development experts at Creative World gathered some great ideas for you:


Yarn Hearts

Supplies: wax paper, mod podge, yarn

Even very young children can pull this one off. All you have to do is crumple a long length of yarn on top of some wax paper, mix in a generous amount of mod podge, shape into a “heart” and let dry. Suspend with a ribbon or a string to display!


Painted Hearts

Supplies: paper, paint, marker, scissors (for adult use)

Little ones are great at coloring outside the lines… so let them! Have your child finger paint on a piece of paper. Once their painting is dry, trace and cut out heart shapes.


Paper Weaving

Supplies: Construction paper, scissors

Weaving is a fine-motor adventure for little fingers. Older children can use large hearts, with horizontal strips cut out, and strips of paper to create a woven, textured card.


Heart Sponge Stamp

Supplies: sponge, scissors (for adult use), paint, paper

Cut heart shapes out of regular kitchen sponges. Invite your child to dip these into paint and create hearts on paper!


Doily Hearts

Supplies: Doilies, paper, paint

Securely place (with tape) doilies on top of paper. Your little one can then paint over the top of the doily and remove it to reveal a sweet, heart shaped pattern beneath!


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